Jawatan Kosong Terkini 2015 di Bank Simpanan Nasional

Jawatan Kosong Terkini 2015 di Bank Simpanan Nasional


1. Business Relationship Officer

Closing date : 19 February 2015

2. Pengurus Wilayah Khidmat Pengurusan dan Pemulihan Hutang

3. Mortgage Specialist

Closing date : 12 February 2015

4. Insurance Specialist - Nationwide

Closing date : 28 January 2015

Profile Bank Simpanan Nasional
The advent of Savings bank service in Malaysia dated back to the late 19th century. The first banks, namely the Perak and the Selangor Savings Bank were started in 1888 and 1893 respectively and were administered by the respective State Treasuries until they were taken over by the Postal Department. In 1907 the Perak and Selangor Savings Banks were dissolved and brought under the Federated Malay States Post Office Savings Banks which also provided services in the states of Negeri Sembilan and Pahang. It had then 3,320 depositors with just over RM340,000 standing to their credit.
Separate Savings Bank services under the Straits Settlement Post Office Savings Bank were in existence in Penang, Malacca and Singapore as early as 1902 while the Unfederated Malay States had their own Post Office Savings Banks in the years prior to the Second World War.
Since 1949 savings with the Post Office Savings Bank have grown steadily. In 1949 it had 229,652 depositors with a credit balance of RM47.2 million. At the time of the launching of Bank Simpanan Nasional, Malaysia on 1st December 1974, it had more than 2.5 million depositors. The accumulated assets of the bank were over RM537 million, out of which over RM526 million were in government securities. The amount standing to the credit of depositors was over RM511 million. At the end of 1981, the Bank had more than 4.3 million depositors with accumulated assets of more than RM1.2 billion.
With the establishment of Bank Simpanan Nasional, a new chapter is opened in the history of public saving institutions in the country. Bank Simpanan Nasional Act, 1974 provides for the transfer of the powers of management from the Postal Services Department to the Board of Directors which will assume functions and undertake responsibilities in accordance with the objectives of the Act.